FDCとはWhat’s FDC

Introduction of Staff

Director General Secretary

Misa Tokunaga
After graduating from Seinan University; majored in International Economic, she worked at The Eighteenth Bank, Limited. During the time she was working at the bank, she faced Social Polarization and Declining of Local Economy and started to think about Regional Revitalization and Rebuilding and took an active part in field work of University-Community Relations Projects as a member of Keiyo Fujiwara University Laboratory at the graduate school of Kyusyu University and workshops of Local Government Policy Plan Making for promoting Regional Revitalization.
She also engaged in creating value of locals from food and environment sides.
After that, she joined to Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center and Fukuoka Directive Council from April 2017 and takes care of a partnership with Whole Food Association and food heritage as a food director.