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Introduction of Staff

Director General

Shuhei Ishimaru
After entering the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, Mr. Shuhei Ishimaru worked within the Minister's Secretariat in the Policy Evaluation and Public Relations Division and then as an official at the Director-General's Secretariat Office for Policy Coordination of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, later joining PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). In April 2015 he took up his present position at the FDC. He is also active as the visiting associate professor of Kyushu University; the director of the advisory board of the Avispa Fukuoka professional football team; member of the board of the Future Center Alliance Japan (FCAJ); member of the board of Kyushu University's Regional Policy Design School and chairperson of the Planning Subcommittee of Financial Administrative Committee of Kyushu Ecomonic Federation. He also holds several public offices such as committees for central ministries and local governments.
Wrote a book called “Hyper Growing City Fukuoka” -The world pays attention to the Secret of the innovation mechanism. (Nikkei Business Publication)
<Public positions>
Member of Suita City Round-table-conference on Promoting Computerization (Osaka)
Member of Okinawa's Strategic Deliberation Committee on the Promotion of MICE
Senior advisor of Munakata City's Comprehensive Strategy for Revitalization of the City, People and Employment
Member of Iki City Committee on Formulating Basic Guidelines for Promoting Lifelong Activities (Nagasaki)
Member of Committee for Fukuoka City General Transportation Strategy
Chairperson of the Committee of Fukuoka Health Lab
Public advisor of Iizuka City government
Secretary general of Iki City Council on Promoting Lifelong Activities (Nagasaki)
Member of Designated Corporation Evaluation Committee of Fukuoka National Strategic Special Zones
Member of the Committee for Hakozaki Campus Site Utilization
Member of the Advisory committee for Promoting Fukuoka city's Data Utilization
Member of the Committee for Promotion of Comprehensive Plan for Munakata City
Member of the Committee for Examination of Venture Support Policies in Hamamatsu
Member of the Committee for Emergent Urban Regeneration Development of Hakozaki area in Fukuoka
Member of Kyushu Open Inovation Research and Planning Center
Member of the Working group for Smart city Development Utilizing Data for Green field, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Chairperson of the Planning Subcommittee of Financial Administrative Committee, Kyushu Economic Federation
Advisory Board Member of Center for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Studies, Kyushu University
Member of the Committee of Fukuoka City Seniors’ Performance Support Project
Temporary member of the Council of Fukuoka City Health and Welfare
Chairperson of Fukuoka Smart East research group
Member of “Kyushu Economic Federation Kyushu Future Vision Review Special Committee”
Member of T.Huang Entrepreneurship Center of Kyushu University External Advisor Meeting Committee
Member of the Working group for Entrepreneurship education of Ministry of education Startup Ecosystem Base city council