FDCとはWhat’s FDC

What's FDC?

Drawing a future vision for Fukuoka and increasing its global competitiveness are the principle goals of Fukuoka Directive Council (hereafter Fukuoka D.C.). In order to pursue these objectives, Fukuoka D.C. will plan and implement effective regional development strategies. With partnerships across public, private, academic and civic sectors, Fukuoka D.C. will be committed to formulate feasible development strategies and implement operational and replicable projects, setting Fukuoka city and its vicinities at the core and by linking with other partners throughout greater Kyushu, and moreover with neighboring Asian cities.

Fukuoka Directive Council is a multi-sectoral body consisting of three membership groups; Official members, Affiliate members, and Special members. On the Board are the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Senior Board Members, and Auditors. Fukuoka D.C. operates under the Executive Committee which is the decision making authority of the organization; the Board which is the implementation body of the organization, and a fully fledged Secretariat which functions as a ‘think-and-do-tank’ with experienced full time staff.

Fukuoka Directive Council is chosen as the main constituent among cooperation of public and private sectors for building the wider cooperation system among public and private sectors which belongs to “Regional promotion project by bureaucracy and private enterprise in close cooperation 2011″ which is the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport country policy station carried out in July, 2011.

Business Plans(3Years)
(1)Project duration is three years; 2011 will be strategy formulation; 2012 and 2013 will be implementation periods.
(2)The strategies will be formulated, shared and implemented by join effort of public, private, academic and civic sector stakeholders. This will include formulation of global public relations strategies and human resource development of young professionals.
(3)Public relations activities will also include development of partnerships between international professionals, private institutions and relative regional institutions which will contribute to strengthening international competitiveness of Fukuoka D.C..

Principles of Formulating a Regional Strategy
(1)Participation of Committed Members
Projects (or strategy options) will be formulated and prioritized by the following criteria. This will be followed by formulation of project groups.

①Participation of committed members: Taking leadership in project groups
②Financial commitments: Cost sharing implications in projects
③Total optimization perspective: Spreading from Fukuoka to Kyushu, to Japan, to Asia

(2)Attracting International Resources; People and Capital
Fukuoka, along with other cities in the Kyushu region (and Japan being no exception) are at a critical state, facing situations such as decreasing labor population and aging social capital requiring renewal with heavy financial pressures. Unless a new business demand is created in partnership with rapidly growing Asian countries, the region will not be able to establish its position as ‘the front runner of East Asia’ as stated in the Greater Kyushu Regional Strategy Plan (a regional strategy formulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of the Government of Japan in August 2009). Based on the results of the ‘Regional Review’, Fukuoka DC will draw a logical and coherent story, making clear where the future visions/goals and projects meet. By doing so, the strategies, from its early formulation stages, will call for human and capital resources from wide international spheres.

Please download the pamphlet of Fukuoka D.C. from here. PDFFukuoka D.C. Outline (PDF)