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Introduction of Staff

FDC Launch Program Center deputy director

Misa Tokunaga
Born in Fukuoka City. After completing the Kyushu University Graduate School of Mathematics, she had been involved in system development at a private company for over ten years. In July 2020, she set up her own business, in which she has organized workshops on DX promotion for local governments and the private sector and has been active as a graphic recorder.
In 2018, she became the representative of Code for Fukuoka, a community devoted to solving local issues with civic technology, and has since, in that capacity, been promoting open data and data utilization. Also, since 2018, she has been involved in partnership in data utilization within the Kyushu region in the framework of Code for Kyushu.

[Public work experience]
Member of the Fukuoka City Council on Formulating Regional Plans for the Preservation and Utilization of Cultural Property
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