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Introduction of Staff

Senior Manager

Osamu Hashimoto
Born in 1975 in Kitakyushu City and currently lives in Fukuoka City. Since 1998, has been involved in R&D of automotive components at an automotive component manufacturer. Has learned about TQM, quality management and management methods as a result of being a member of the Toyota Group. Since 2002, has been working as a JAVA programmer. Cooperated with a number of engineers in establishing SOHO and pursued joint development, leading to the establishment of his first system development company. In 2009, enrolled in a doctoral course at Kyushu University to start research on AI and distributed processing. Strove to introduce AI to the field of chemistry, while developing sensor devices to gather data. In 2013, launched an AI start-up based on the results of his research at the university. Continued to serve as president and lead the company in terms of management and technology until his resignation in 2020.