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Introduction of Staff

Senior Fellow

Shinnosuke Suzuki
Born in 1981, joined DWANGO Co.,Ltd. in 2000. As an engineer, he created a video website “Niko Niko Douga”, later he served as a manager of development department, business producer and president director of a subsidiary development company and promoted product development for improvement of user experience and team management. Returning to the former company Dwango as a manager of department of planning and development multi-device in 2014, he institutionalized designers as a director of design strategy division in 2015. With the establishment of 3DCG animation studio “Project Studio Q” by Studio Khara, Asoujuku, Dwango in July 2017 and be in charge of its technical management, he joined to Fukuoka Directive Council for strengthening cooperation between the studio and Fukuoka City.

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