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Introduction of Staff

Senior Manager

Yuka Katatae
Born in Fukuoka city. Graduated from Tokyo University of Science and received Master of Engineering. Working experience at Kyushu TLO Co., Ltd. as an Assistant Director of Urban Design Center Island-City (UDCIC), then joined to Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center and become independent from 2020.
In a wide range of fields such as urban development, regional revitalization, and healthcare, she provide co-creation process planning, management, and accompaniment support by diverse stakeholders centered on citizens.
In addition to that, as a citizen herself, she launched the Fukuoka Picnic Club to enjoy the public spaces of Fukuoka through a picnic and gave a lecture as "*Picniciennes".
There is a book called “Civic Pride 2-Designing the Relationship between Cities and Citizens” written by her. (edited by the Civic Pride Study Group, 2015).
*This word is a combination of Picnic and sienna (French) and it means “The master of Picnic.

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