FDCとはWhat’s FDC

Introduction of Staff


Hideaki Nagashima
After retiring from OMRON Corporation, I founded my own company in 1997. I created an outsourcing trustee business model for commercial facility management system of crowd service and operation. I got involved in Shopping Center launching and operation for more than 150 facilities including the development of Marunouchi, in Minato ward area.

In the city of Fukuoka, I am engaged in the nurturing program development of volunteer guides for the tourism National Strategic Special Zone project of the Japan Tourism Agency. I established a branding association for the community along with EI-publishing Co Ltd. from 2015. I am currently providing supporting team for various kinds of projects aiming to promoting local producers and creators to solve multiple problems in the community. My first project was the establishment of the international community center 「suito Fukuoka」.

At the moment, I resort to the use of know-how resources such as system, human resources, promotion and inbound to implement sustainable development for the community.