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Introduction of Staff

Senior Fellow

Eisuke Tachikawa
He is the CEO of NOSIGNER and active as a visiting professor of System and Design and Management (SDM) of Keio University, and works on Comprehensive Design Strategy for Social Design with a concept, "Brings better change in the future and Design invisible things". The ways of designing structures, graphics, products with deep insight are highly commented over the world; he swept the other major categories in the Design Awards, more than 50; for Good Design; for the Best Design in Hong Kong; with PENTAWARDS, for Food Package Design in Belgium; with SDA (Sign Design Association), for the Best Design; with DSA (Design Space Association), for Space Design. He Set up WIKI 「OLIVE」-- it shares useful designs in time of disasters --in 40 hours after Great East Japan Earthquake and spread Open Designs all over the world, later this work developed into Art Collection of a publication, ”Tokyo Bosai” published by Eastern Kyoto were published more than 780 million copies (Cooperated with DENTSU INC.).
He also contributed in planning Cool Japan Mission Statement “Resolve problems over the world, JAPAN” as a concept director of “Cool Japan Movement Promotion Conference” organized by Cabinet Secretariat.

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