FDCとはWhat’s FDC

Introduction of Staff

Assistant Fellow

Tomoko Nakashima
Spend one’s childhood in Cleaveland, Ohio States in the U.S.A. Graduate from Fukuoka Prefecture Shuyukan High School, Seinan Gakuin University. After working at the travel agency, work as a project office staff of Kyushu University for the educational program called ‘East Asia Environmental Strategist Training Program’ which founded by MEXT. Work Shop assistant taking place in foreign country held every year, and get involved with the International organization such as UN-HABITAT, ESCAP, or one of the best University’s in their country such as Moratuwa University in Sri Lanka, Tongji University in China, Tribhuvan University in Nepal, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in Bangladesh. Moderator and assistant of International symposium and seminar. Office work for the lecture held in English. In charge of the budget and auditing. (approximately 60 million yen for annual budget) In Fukuoka D.C., be in charge of International issues in general.